Ghida Y., 44

7:43 minutes
Language: Arabic 

New ring 

'Marriage on a golden platter' 

Tania S., 45

7:39 minutes 
Language: English

Blue amulet 

'The last goodbye' 

Eileen K., 37 

7:51 minutes 
Language: French 

Old box 

'Wedding dresses with laces, decorated with flowers, beads and pearls'

Marie S., 68

2:22 minutes 
Language: French 

25 Lebanese Piastres 

'Alone in the abyss'

Nada L., 36

6:17 minutes
Language: English and French 

Borrowed map 

'For the bride and her guests'


Self-portraits, photographs, magazine scans, sound 

See installation views
Sound editing & mixing: Edwin Daou 

This project explores the status of unmarried women in Lebanon above the age of 30 and questions whether this ‘singlehood’ is a social stigma nowadays as it was in the past. 
I interviewed 5 women, all over 30 and unmarried be it by choice, as a result of divorce, or any other reason.
I wanted to talk about the opposite ‘side’ of being married and unpack the experiences, feelings, expectations, and judgments an unmarried woman above a certain age in Lebanon might encounter. 

The traditional English rhyme goes: ' Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and A Sixpence in your Shoe
This rhyme denotes what the bride should wear on her wedding day for good luck. I have employed this old rhyme in order to transplant its elements according to Lebanese traditions and to explore the tension between those objects and visuals with the women’s experiences, which also resonate in my own personal life. 

The project thus consists of different components, which present an opposition between sound recordings (interviews) and visuals (self-portraits, object photos, magazine scans). Each element of the piece is allotted a space in the display, which attempts to create a reflection on those multiple experiences of which I am a part.